Welcome to Domestic Violence Safe Haven

We are a shelter provider specializing in women’s issues and their safety. With all the news that is out there what we hear is going on especially since the Pandemic, the Domestic Violence situations have dramatically increased :

Here are some signs of Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic violence may receive temporary housing, emergency shelter, and supportive services for themselves and their children. All programs provide a safe environment as well as counseling, advocacy, and referral services.

Domestic violence and abuse can include:

  • Hitting, slapping, kicking, or using any other kind of physical violence against you
  • Forcing you to have sex when you don’t want to or to do sexual things you don’t want to do
  • Threatening to hurt you, your children, or someone else you care about or your pet
  • Constantly insulting and criticizing you
  • Stalking, obsessively checking-up on, or otherwise trying to control your behavior

Available Services:

Child Support Civil/ Legal Services

Court/Police Accompaniment

Crisis Counseling


Civil Legal Services

Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Transportation

Family Court Legal Services

Healing Arts/Theatre Programs

Health Services

Holistic services (yoga/meditation)

Housing Assistance

Housing Legal Services

Immigration Legal Services

Job Readiness – Employment Job Readiness –

Information Job Readiness –

Vocational Training

Lock Replacement

Long Term Counseling

Matrimonial Civil Legal Services

Play Therapy

Public Benefits –

Help With Sexual Assault

Services Shelter Assistance

Spiritual Support Substance Abuse

Services Tech Abuse Services